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Image submitted by Craig Gardiner

Image of Flame and Horsehead Nebula.

Craig says "I've been having some guiding issues (still need to work it out) so sticking to lots of 1 minute exposures until I figure it out."

Imaging Scope: Skywatcher 200P
Imaging Camera: Modified Canon EOS600D
Guide Scope: Skywatcher ST80 Piggybacked on the 200P
Guide Camera: QHY 5-L-II-M
Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro
Guiding Software: iAstrohub
Filters/correctors: Skywatcher Coma Corrector, IDAS Light Pollution Filter
Sub Frames: 228x 60 sec at ISO 800 (over two nights last week) + Darks, Flats & Bias
Preprocessed with Nebulosity 4
Post-Processes with Affinity Photo, and Noiseless on OS X.